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Kent Rengo

Photo by Steve Glischinski 

Born in 1971 and raised in Duluth, I  gained an interest in railroads at an early age.

I grew up near the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway's Lakefront Line (now the North Shore Scenic Railroad). I can remember hearing and seeing the trains that traversed this line each day. I also remember my uncle warning me to never get to close to the trains when they went by, because the suction (what he called it) from the train would pull you in! Well I guess I got to close one day, for I was pulled in hook, line and sinker!

Shortly before his death in 1985 I met Frank King, author of Locomotives of the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range, The Missabe Road and Minnesota Logging Railroads. He told me if I had such a great interest in railroading that I should join the Lake Superior Transportation Museum ( now called the Lake Superior Railroad Museum). Since joining, my interest and involvement in railroading have blossomed, to what is now my career.

In 1990 I got my first paying railroading job working as a engineer and conductor for the North Shore Scenic Railroad (NSSR). Over the next five years in addition too working for the NSSR, I also work for the DM&IR, and Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific (DW&P). Currently I am working for the Wisconsin Division of the Canadian National and I am in my ninth year.

I live in Duluth, (not far from where I grew up and within view of the NSSR train operations) with my wife Michelle, and two boys Chris and Zack. Both my boys show the passion for railroading that I grew up with. (My wife also has had a heart of gold to put up with my job, my railfanning and producing this web page. Not to many people I know can say that about their spouses). 

Taking pictures of the railroads in the Twin Ports had been a interest of mine since joining the LSRM, but with the waves of mergers and third generation diesels taking the place of what used to be common place around here recently, I have tried to capture what still exist before it disappears.

I hope you enjoy the pages contained in this web site. I would again like to thank all of those who have helped me make this pages possible (you know who you are).


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