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Updated on April 29th 2005.


Want to learn more about railfanning the Twin Ports and how to get to your favorite railfan spot? Check out the locally produced and UPDATED,

Twin Ports Railfan Guide

 A very useful tool to have and it is produced by local railfans who know the area!

New to the guide is a link to the most recent updates of our ever changing railroad scene in the Twin Ports.

Visit it at www.lsrm.org


TPR&RP shows you the views of the different railroads around Duluth, MN. and Superior, WI and selected sites from around the region from the 1980's until the present.

This site has no affiliation and is not sponsored in any way by the major railroads in the region. It is done solely to showcase railroading at its most interesting aspects.

Time is something we all wish we had more of, I know I do. I have not stopped taking photos and you can go to the following link and see.

More photos

To allow for faster download time, the photos on most of the pages are thumb nailed (reduced), click on the photo you wish to view enlarged. All photos are taken by me, Kent Rengo unless other wise noted.

My thanks go out to Scott Carney, Bob Gile, Dennis Holmes, Dan Mackey, Gordon Mott, Tim Schandel, Dave Schauer and Mike Schmidt (Basgen Photos) for the information they supplied to me.

  Blasts from the past.


We will cover all of the following railroads (past and present)

 in the Twin Ports:


Burlington Northern and Santa Fe

Canadian Pacific/Soo Line 

Canadian National/Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific

Duluth Missabe and Iron Range

Union Pacific/Chicago and North Western

Wisconsin Central

Lake Superior Terminal and Transfer Railway


Also covered in this site from the surrounding region:

Duluth and Northeastern

Erie Mining/LTV Steel 

Update: LTV has shut down their Hoyt Lakes, MN plant as of Jan. 7th 2001.  They also have run their last pellet train as of June 22nd and is now relegated to the history books unless fate steps in to reactive a part of the operations in the future.

4210-2.jpg (98963 bytes)

Photo by Dave Schauer

Northshore Mining


 Links to Museums and Tourist Railroads

  Lake Superior Railroad Museum

 North Shore Scenic Railroad

Wisconsin & Great Northern Railroad

Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad

Local Historical Societies and Clubs

Missabe Railroad Historical Society

Click above and directly link to the MRHS and view their new site!!!


Where Rail meets Sail 

(selected views of SHIPS that carry the ore, coal, and grain to market.)


Views of the major Twin Ports railroad yards and docks


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For all intents and purposes I will do my best to update these pages on a regular basis, but my family and free time are very precious to me and come first. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the sights of the Twin Ports.

Remember safety first always when around railroad property!!!