Northshore Mining


Northshore Mining rebuilt SD40 (now called a SD40-3) #652, awaits pickup by the DMIR in Duluth MN for delivery to Northshore Mining at Babbitt MN. in June 1999.

1236.JPG (52057 bytes) (New) A rare SD28 leads a empty ore train north a MP28 on NSM trackage.  Aug 2001. Photo by Dave Schauer.  

653.JPG (82971 bytes) (New) NSM newest power, SD40-3 #653 & 654 were delivered in mid July. The units are equipped for DPU (Distributive Power, one unit controls the other located farther back in the train through radio signals) and will be run on the tailings trains out of Silver Bay, with a unit on either end. July 2001. Photo by Dave Schauer. 

NSM-3.JPG (61752 bytes) (New) NSM SD28 #1235 leads a waste rock train under the LTV mainline out in the proverbial middle of nowhere in Northern Minnesota. June 2001. Photo by Dave Schauer.

LLPX 2805 2000.jpg (71366 bytes) Former Reserve Mining (previous name of Northshore Mining)  SD38-2 by coincidence received a blue and white paint from their current owners LLPX/GATX, a scheme similar to what Northshore Mining adopted after they restarted pellet production at the plant in Silver Bay.

NSM loads at MP7 1999.jpg (76677 bytes) A loaded crude ore train drifts downgrade towards Silver Bay at Milepost 7 with four SD18's. Sept. 1999

NSM SD28 1999.jpg (58317 bytes) A tailing ( waste rock from taconite production) train heads up grade at Milepost 7. At this point the train will back up a branch line to unload the tailings in a special holding site. Leading the train is a rare SD28, one of four (out of six total) that are rostered (one has been destroyed in an accident since this photo was taken) Sept. 1999

NSM+Tails+9_4_00.jpg (85254 bytes)A Northshore Mining tailings train heads uphill north of Silver Bay. The antennas on the nose and and the lights on the side of the cab are for remote control service. These trains, when empty are taken backed down in reverse order with the engineer controlling the movement by remote control on a caboose placed on the tail end of the train. Sept. 2000. Photo by Dave Schauer. 


Reserve Mining Dock.jpg (76059 bytes) An overhead view of the Reserve Mining (now Northshore Mining) shiploading facility. This is a photo from the early 1970's with a Republic Steamships vessel loading at the dock. 

Photo from the Basgen collection courtesy of Dan Mackey.


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