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BNSF Dash 9 44CW's leading a Powder River coal train at the Midwest Energy's coal dock in Superior WI. June 2000.


sR.T.jpg (52595 bytes)  The Rapids Turn rolls through Carlton bound for Cloquet MN on a snowy March day. Photo by Scott Carney.


dGrain.jpg (98801 bytes)  Four GATX leased SD38-2's lead a empty grain train up for the BNSF's Grassy Point Drawbridge that crosses the St. Louis River. The Fall is one of the busier times of the year for the local railroads when the grain loading is heavy before the winter snow. Photo taken on a balmy Nov. 5th 2001.

dHSJob.jpg (92592 bytes)  Two BNSF SW1200's switch the Harvest States elevator in Superior WI. The tracks run right in between the two building on the right and left. Makes for a neat model railroad industry. Nov 2001. 

S2 Coal 6-01.jpg (72739 bytes)  A set of SD70MAC's on the point of a coal train wait their turn to be routed down to the coal dock for unloading. June 2001.

S 5454 at Foxburo 7-01.jpg (69668 bytes)  GE Dash 9 #5454 pulls a loaded All-Rail ore train out of the Lake Superior basin into Foxburo WI. This photo was taken at County Rd. W at the east end of Foxburo. July 2001.   

S FFLD Foxburo 7-01.jpg (62155 bytes)  After meeting the #5454 above, #4767, an All-Rail ore empty departs the siding at Foxburo and proceeds down the hill to Superior, and then over the DMIR to Steelton Yard in far west Duluth. The train is seen crossing the Baptism River east of Foxburo next to County Road B. July 2001.

DGFLocal.JPG (86809 bytes)  Ex Reserve Mining, now part of the LLPX lease fleet, SD38-2 #2809 leads three other sisters on a eastbound loaded grain train from Grand Forks near Boylston. These engines are regular visitors to the Twin Ports and can be seen leading on any number of general manifest trains into and out of town. July 2001.

SUPKCK 1-01.jpg (81200 bytes)  BNSF GP38 #2119 leads this mish mash of power out of Superior at West Saunders on train M-SUPKCK ( Superior to Kansas City Kansas manifest).  Jan. 2001.

Scan599.jpg (93726 bytes)   It might appear to be nothing more than a typical BNSF All-Rail train, but this train is back up. The units are being used by the Allouez Switch and they have just returned from the BNSF 28th Street yard after pick up repaired bad order hopper cars for use on a Geneva Steel ore train.  Jan. 2001.

BNSF at Scanlon.jpg (191806 bytes)  An National Tac All-Rail, Allouez bound taconite train rolls through Scanlon MN. and is about to cross under County Road 45. Sept. 1999.  Photo by Scott Carney .

BN in Bridge Yd.jpg (88658 bytes) A BN SW1000 switcher has a hold of a Milwaukee Road crummy back in the good old days before I-35 changed this scene forever. That the south wall of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in the background. The year was 1982. Photo by Dan Mackey

BNSF at Ore Docks.jpg (77749 bytes) A BNSF empty grain train departs Duluth's Rices Point yard for Superior. The train is shown going under the DMIR's ore dock approaches in West Duluth. The Indiana Harbor, the 1000 foot vessel in the background, is owned by American Steamship Company and is taking on a load of pellet from Dock 6.  May 2000

PSW1000.jpg (81641 bytes) SW1000 #3637 switches cars in Rices Point yard in Duluth. Oct. 2000.


SUPNTW.jpg (106668 bytes)  BNSF's SUPNWT (Superior to Northtown) crosses the Black River Bridge south of Boylston on the Hinckley Sub. Sept. 2000.  Photo by Scott Carney. 

BNSF AIME 2.jpg (122120 bytes) BNSF Dash 9 44CW #4945 leads a AIME (American Institute of Mining Engineers) trip under Hwy. 45 in Scanlon MN with Cloquet, MN Potlatch Plant in the background. Aug 1999.  Photo by Scott Carney

 BNSF AIME 1.jpg (82761 bytes) The BNSF's sponsored AIME  trip crosses the former GN's Huson Bridge near Wrenshall, MN in Aug 1999.  Photo By Scott Carney.

Brainard local May 2000.jpg (61757 bytes) The BNSF runs a couple of daily local train out of Superior. One is called the Brainerd Local, the other is the called the Rapids Turn (Referencing to the town of Grand Rapids MN). They both normally departs in the afternoon and runs up the Lakes Sub. out of Boylston. This is the Brainerd Local outbound at County W. road crossing. This shows the common power that appears on these trains, rebuilt GP30's and GP35's. May 2000. 

BNSF Belknap.JPG (71626 bytes) A shot of power laying over at the BNSF's Belknap St. engine facility. Aug 2000. Photo by Christopher Tully.

70mac at Foxburo 1999.jpg (60015 bytes) A brand new SD70MAC at Foxburo WI. leading a Granite City All-Rail ore train. Feb. 1999.

BN GP9 at 27th 1987.jpg (81241 bytes) A BN transfer arrives Duluth's Rices Point Yard with GP9 #1977 on the point back in 1987. This shot at 27th Ave West show to the right, the former Northern Pacific mainline out through West Duluth and at one time to Carlton MN. The DWP also used this line until the mid 1980's to access the Bridge Yard in Downtown Duluth for interchange. The DMIR also has a yard at this point and has called it Missabe Jct. 

Scan296.jpg (276838 bytes) A trio of F-units line the turntable at the BN's Superior roundhouse in the early 1980's. By the end of the decade the F-units and roundhouse were gone. Photo by Dan Mackey.

 SDP40 in Superior.jpg (69012 bytes) Not as numerous, but just as rare as the F-units pictured above, a former GN SDP40 sits on one of the ladder track at the roundhouse awaiting her next assignment.  Photo by Dan Mackey.

BN at Newton Crossing.jpg (66132 bytes) Newton Crossing could be considered a hotbed of activity back in the 1980's. The crossing of the BN's ex NP Old Town Line and the CNW East End line. Dan Mackey caught this interchange move on the connecting track to the CNW track. The ex Rock Island 40 foot boxcar dates this to the early 1980's. The covered hopper on the left in the background is sitting on ex DSS&A trackage. The switch to this connecting track (on the BNSF side) was removed a few years ago with all interchange now in Superior between the BNSF and CNW (UP) performed at BNSF's 28th Street yard.

Ashland turn 1981.jpg (78978 bytes) First generation power was commonplace on the Ashland Local. Here we see two F-units and a Geep leading the train into Superior on the Old Town Line near the East End. Photo by Dan Mackey.

Ashland Train 1981.jpg (69507 bytes) An inbound Ashland Local shows the head end heavy with pulpwood gons from Northwestern Wisconsin. Ex GN GP5 1365 was the only unit in this class to receive a chopped nose, after a accident, and then was reconfigured to short hood first operation. Photo by Dan Mackey.




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