Union Pacific/Chicago and Northwestern

Union Pacific Powder River coal train traverses the DMIR's Interstate Branch on it's way to the former C&NW Itasca Yard south Superior WI. July 2000.



UP at Birch 4-01.jpg (134439 bytes)  A UP transfer enter the Soo/CP yard in Duluth with a cut of grain hoppers for one of the elevator in the background

 UP potash 1-01.jpg (94882 bytes)  UP SD9043MAC #8062 leads a loaded potash train out of town on the DMIR at Ambridge. If the CN/WC merger get the blessing from the STB these UP potash trains will become part of the ever growing traffic base that the CN is currently running down the WC to Chicago. Jan. 2001

UP at Winter St.jpg (98382 bytes)  A former C&NW SD40-2 on a transfer job stands by, near the BNSF's yard connection at Winter Street. Sept 2000. Photo by Scott Carney.

CNW transfer 1996.jpg (87894 bytes)  Two C&NW GP50's pull an empty grain train through east Superior on their terminal trackage in 1996.

Merger consist Winter 1998.jpg (82366 bytes) A merger consist on a empty Geneva All-Rail  ore train at DMIR's Steelton Yard. December 1998.

CNW SD60.jpg (60614 bytes) Brand new SD60 #8035  lays over at the C&NW Itasca yard in south Superior WI.

UP transfer Oct.jpg (55955 bytes) Two former Guliford GP39-2's lead a short transfer through the east end of Superior WI on their way back to Itasca Yard.

UP A-R at Becks Aug 13 2k.jpg (75935 bytes) A UP SD9043MAC leads a loaded Geneva All-Rail ore load down DMIR's Steelton hill near Becks Road.  UP  power regularly runs through on the DMIR with these trains. June 2000.

CNW geeps at Newton.jpg (91472 bytes) A C&NW transfers throttle up and away from Newton Crossing, the site of the C&NW and BN diamond in Superior's east end. This transfer is taking cars back to the yard at Itasca. Photo by Dan Mackey.

974 at So.jpg (77812 bytes) I like to use the reference, the more things change the more they stay the same. Two of the C&NW's non-dynamic braked SD45's and a SD40-2 pull out of town with a train at So. Itasca in 1982. Who would have thought that ten years later SD45's in Maroon and Gold colors would still rule the roost when the Wisconsin Central decide to make this home to their Superior terminal operations location.  Photo by Dan Mackey.

Falcon at So.jpg (68397 bytes) A C&NW Falcon service painted SD40-2 leads a train out of town at South Itasca in 1985.  Photo by Dan Mackey.



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